Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Help wanted!

I've decided that since there are a few things I'd like to see translated that haven't been or have been on hold for a long time or dropped by their groups, that I'd attempt to start a small scanlation group myself.  I'm a capable editor, but unfortunately my Japanese is the shit. 

Currently looking for help with all positions, in this order of need:
Translator > raw provider > proofreader > editor.


Must be seriously interested in helping and able to produce within the guidelines listed below.  
A limited level of commitment to KHS work is fine, but you MUST be able to produce what you say you can and not quit in the middle of a project.

Must be able to translate Japanese to English with good grammar and spelling.

Raw provider:
Must have access to the magazine or tankobon of the series and a scanner they can use and/or be able to scour the internet for raws (using Share or other means).

Must have good English spelling and grammar, though doesn't necessarily have to be a native speaker.
Right now it's not worth sending the files back and forth when the editor can just do this fairly quickly.  This will be done in addition to being an editor.

My standards aren't going to be too extremely high here, but must have access to Photoshop and be capable of basic cleaning and typesetting of manga, namely: adjusting levels, cropping, resizing, a small-medium amount of cloning, splicing two-page spreads together, etc.  Must be decent at copy-editing.

More info:
The series we'll be doing will be predominantly seinen-ish manga, but there can always be exceptions, and I'm open to suggestions.  

If you're interested or have any questions, please email us at kuroihasuscan@gmail.com.

Serious applicants only, please.


  1. While I'm interested in applying as an editor/typesetter/cleaner/whatever, I'm wondering about your release schedule. Are you looking for once every week, or 1-2 weeks or so?

    I'm fine with with once a week or similar through the summer (end of august) but after that I return to college, and I'd probably take 1-to-2 weeks to edit a chapter.

    I have a large amount of experience with Photoshop, though I've never actually edited manga in a group. I've done plenty of vector work and clean-ups of text-over-characters, even on color pages; I can send you examples if you'd like. I applied when TKT took on this project several years ago as well, and am a fan of the series. I'm also a huge fan of the author, of whom I have read just about everything he's published.

  2. I can do a fair job cleaning and typesetting, sorry and can't read Japanese yet. I have a copy of a chapter cleaned for practice here; http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ggl1x91ar4xfg/oniichan_control. I have a full time job but I could probably handle 100 pages a month (not super at typesetting yet, still getting used to editing layers on the new photoshop) maybe 200 hundred after I get into the swing of things. Thanx for your time and I hope to work with you soon.
    ps. I love the Rena series.
    If the link isn't working at the time I can E-mail the chap. Or if you want just send me a raw and the translation notes and I'll send you a cleaned, leveled, redrawn, de-noised, straitened, cropped and squared, and typeset and edited for language usage and modern phrase usage