Thursday, February 11, 2010

Maid Wo Nerae! chapter 1

Well, here's our first release, chapter one of Maid Wo Nerae!  It's been brought to my attention that this isn't just a one volume manga, but it can't be still being released right now, because the author is divorcing his wife (the artist).  If someone could tell me how long this actually is, that'd be great, otherwise I'll figure it out when we're done with the first volume (after the next chapter).  Everywhere I read said it was only one volume, but apparently not.

If you're wondering why the screentones on some pages look weird, I don't know.  The pages with a ton of screentone, they end up looking really weird and are way more noticeable than on the raws.  Those pages messed up my font sizing, too.

There are a few small inconsistencies as far as font goes in the first ten pages or so, mostly outside of bubbles, but nothing too big, and I somehow deleted my .psds of the first ten, so I'm not bothering to fix the things that would take more time to fix.  Sorry.

Special thanks to Spiritovod at Mangahelpers, who posted the raws there, and had already leveled them!


Feel free to leave opinion on the translator's notes.  I put almost every one Noncomplatypus left me, even though a lot of them weren't necessary.  

We're still hiring, so if you have any free time and think you might want to help (even just a little), please check out this post!

~ z