Friday, March 11, 2011

Donate to help the relief effort in Japan

If you should feel so inclined, please go here to make a donation to one of a list of charities to help the relief effort of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Northeastern Honshu. 

That list appears to be all American charities, so I'm assuming you have to have an American credit card or whatever.  It also looks a bit complicated, and I know that might deter some people, so I'll be looking for simpler (and local) ways to do it (such as 3rd party billing through cell phone text messages).  I will be editing this post with those as I find them, although since between the three of us, we only speak a handful of languages (okay, Platypus "only" speaks several languages), I don't expect to get too far.  This is where you can come in, as I know we have readers from all over the world (Blogger stats are awesome).  It would be great if you guys could post in the comments here donation links for organizations local to your country, along with a brief description in English so we know it's appropriate and legit.  Also please make sure these are definitely going to the relief effort in Japan.  We will not be amused if something non-related in a language we don't understand ends up here. 

So to summarize: post your shit, try to make it as simple to get done as possible, give us a brief description of what the charity is and your country, and we'll put it up.  Anything international is cool too.  Any country is good, but we get a lot of pageviews specifically from (in alphabetical order):



Keep in mind that Red Cross is an international organization and can easily be donated to from whatever country you're in. Just go to the red cross website of your nation and donate, either by SMS or pay-pal or whatever suits your needs. There will usually also be a free of charge number you can call.

The Canadian Red Cross Society - Text ASIA to 30333 to donate $5 (Canadian)

France: (Un peu indirect. Néanmois, c'est un choix)


Röda Korset (swedish red cross) - Text AKUT to 72900 to donate 100 kronor.
You can also donate different amounts directly at their website at 

The American Red Cross - Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 >  Reply YES in response to the response text message > Ignore the second text message asking if you want to receive updates. 

GlobalGiving – Text JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10 

PS: Rena editing is continuing and I will be seriously disappoint if we get very little here.

- Noncomplatypus


  1. Imma txt redcross, thanks again guys, and im glad to see u guys take the time to yell us how we can help.

  2. To Swedish visitors:
    Röda Korset (swedish red cross)
    Text AKUT to 72900 to donate 100 kronor.
    You can also donate different amounts directly at their website at

  3. Here in chile we had felt the fury of the belt of fire of the pacific, the most sismic tectonic zone in earth that covers from Chile to Alaska to Japan.
    Our lack of development ironicaly help us, we have no nuclear plants and more less population so no over constructed areas.

    When I can I will go donate myself (i mean in person, I have no intentions of sell myself)