Friday, September 24, 2010

Chapter update

There's a chapter coming, I swear.

~ z

PS: What we all really should have learned after last time was that I'm a lazy mofo.  But it's actually not my fault this time.  =/

-- A Noncomplatypodian edit --
I'm so very sorry!

 - Noncomplatypus the Unenlightened


  1. Don't give up. Hang in there. Insert third generic phrase of encouragement.
    As long as the translations quality is proportional to the time it took, the time is irrelevant.

  2. exactly ... take your time and stay focused on your real life ....
    which is much more important ...

  3. ps: I spotted a couple of more annoying problems with chapter 26:

    page 4: Change to "and since her alzheimEr's has progressed pretty far already..."
    "she probably doesn't remeMber anymore, either."
    page 21: Make it either "kind of" or "kinda" uneasy about...

    Also, I'd like to point out that you can generally reduce the colors to, say, the optimal 16 to GREATLY reduce the size at little loss of quality.
    I'd normally advise less, some projects allow one to drop down to as few as 8 colors, but the current onmnr raws and the files in your releases seem to change too much when dropping below 16, so I guess 16-20 colors is optimal here.
    As example, I converted all the pngs to mostly 16color indexed pngs with GIMP and put them up at

    So, tell us what you think about it :)