Thursday, September 9, 2010

An apology

So it's been a while since anything happened and that has a couple of reasons. Not the least of which is my troubles with Hattori's handwriting.
Why would Hattori write this chapter's dialogue by hand? Because this particular "batch" is going to be an Omake Batch containing two omake. One found between chapter 24 and 25 and one at the end of the volume.

Does that look like a kanji to you? To me it looks like a black splotch with some squiggles around it. Or a caveman and his pet who just found a radio tower and are throwing a shoe at it.
So yeah, I'm sorry but I can't read Hattori's handwriting very well. At least not in this resolution... That's why this is taking a while.
I suck. I'm sorry.

- Noncomplatypus the Unenlightened

- Edit -
Grblgh. I'll get it done this week or disembowel myself honourably with a pen-knife. (,,#゚Д゚)

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