Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rena chapter 26 release

Wow, Xero is way faster than I am.  That's what I get for being lazy.  He did another great job, so thanks to him and Platypus.  I am kind of mad at him for changing the image on the credit page and making me look lazy and uncreative.  Damn you!  Now I have to come up with something funny for the next chapter..

Download link.

As always, we're hiring for all positions, so please check out our help wanted page here and email us.  No really, do eeeeet.

Before someone complains about the title being slightly different, Xero likes it like that, so that's how it's going to be.  I will be doing it the other way and he will be doing it that way, so it will be going back and forth.

Also, I saw the typo on.. whatever page the typo was on.  It's not worth the effort it takes to fix it, sorry.

The fuck...?  I don't even remember who that chick that taps Rena on the shoulder at the end of the chapter is.  That's what I get for not re-reading what was already out before we started this..

Pop quiz!  What did we learn this chapter about me, class?  First person to tell me gets to be raped by Noncomplatypus a cookie!

~ z

A minor Noncomplatypodian edit:
That chick that taps Rena on the shoulder is not a girl at all but that horny, young lad with the white rabbit things. You know, the ones that the kegari chota consider their arch-nemesis.
Looking forward to the raping.
- Noncomplatypus the Unenlightened


  1. We learned that all good people cosplay at least according to the priest.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. Thanks for the translations!

    But please don't forget to decrease the color depth of all grayscale pages to 8 BPP. Leaving them at 24 BPP wastes a lot of space.

  4. YES!! another new chapter thank you

  5. THANK YOU!! very arigatou much!!

  6. We are very dou itashimashite for you.

    - Noncomplatypus

  7. Thank God. It's been years since I actually read any chapters of this (I thought It Died along time ago, so I lost track). It means alot to see that someone's getting this Scanned again.

    Looking foreward to the next release!!!