Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rena Chapter 25 Release

Here were go, sorry it was a bit slow getting done.  I have to rush off to work now, I'm already going to be late.  D:

Download link.

As always, we're hiring for all positions, so please check out our help wanted post here!  Thanks!

So are these file sizes too big?  I like saving the images relatively large so there's lots of detail, but if the file sizes are too big for people, I can make them smaller.  If no one really says anything I'm just going to leave it how it is.

Well, enjoy, guise!

~ z


  1. Thanks for the new release!

    File sizes are fine for me.

  2. The higher res the images the better.

  3. thanks for the release! looking forward to the next one :}

  4. For your credits page you there is a "This image is hosted at" You probably shouldn't be copying off the web images of your own credits page <_<. They lower the quality of the image too.

  5. Haha, really? I didn't notice it.

    I was really tired and didn't feel like making it over or waiting for the psd to be sent to me, was on a computer I couldn't download the last chapter on, so I just grabbed it from Mangafox to throw it in at the last second at the last second.

    It'll be done right next time, but as far as image quality goes, it's the credit page, I'm not that worried about it. XDD


  6. Once again thank you for taking the time with this project. Another great chapter :)

  7. Awesome. Thanks for the releases of this.