Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rena Chapter 25 status update

For some reason not having a release at the top of the page annoys me.  It looks weird or something.  But I figured people would appreciate an update.  I've been really busy lately so it's been going slightly slow.  Hopefully it should be out in a few days, five max, maybe even less.  Next chapter's script is already being worked on, too.

Give me your opinion on something, internets.  Do you want status updates like these so you know when the next chapter of something will be coming out and such if there's a slight delay?  If so, how frequently?  Or do you just not care and figure it will show up when it shows up?  Thanks.

I'd also like to thank whoever added us to MangaUpdates.  I had been too lazy to do it. 

In other news, I've been lawling at this fake Fall 2010 season chart all night.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar?  Seriously?  It's going to have some people (if they're stupid enough to believe it) freaking out, that's for sure.

PS: It might make me finish faster if you comment.

~ z


  1. updates are always welcome, especially for the people who check this site every day, thank you

  2. first of all thank you so much for picking up this series and updates would be very welcome thanks again I was beginning to lose hope that anybody would translate the series you're a lifesaver I just can't say thanks enough

  3. Yeah, personally I check every couple days, so an update like this is nice :)

    ...lets me know to start checking every day!

    Everything is much appreciated.