Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rena chapter 28 release

Here you go~  I'm somewhat surprised that this is our tenth release!
Download link.

If you want quicker releases, maybe you should apply to help us out!  We're most in need of translators, but will take other help too.  Please check out help wanted post here!

Well, I told you I'd leave the credit page image bubbles blank if no one gave me any ideas, and I didn't receive any, so there you have it.  At any rate, sorry this took longer than I said it would.  I was busy with work and then got sick.  Just be glad I'm not as slow as the rest of my family when I give time estimates like that, or this would have taken another week and a half.  As I said before, we probably won't be working on the next chapter until January, as we're all very busy this month.  I think that's about it.  Enjoy this chapter!  Poor, poor Rena..

PS: As always, comments improve morale and thus make for quicker releases. 



  1. thanks, probably my favorite mangaka

  2. Thanks. Appreciate your effort on this. Rena continues to be one of my favorites.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter! Glad to see you guys still doing this project and I really appreciate all your work.

  4. Haha, I've been following this series since it first got scanslated. Any work that gets done on it makes me happy :)

    Keep it guys.

  5. great work!
    Sadly real world beauty pagents don't feature this event but instead ask the contestant what is the capital of Burkina-Faso or something equally irrelevant.

  6. Thanks for the scanlation. So I guess Japanese people don't do crowd surfing, then? Odd how the mayor claims he invented it.