Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rena chapter 29 release

I think this must have been our fastest release yet.

Download link.

If you want quicker releases, maybe you should apply to help us out!  We're most in need of translators, but will take other help too.  Check out our help wanted post here!

Also looks to be our smallest file size yet.  This is what happens when I'm not the one doing the editing.  Well, maybe not the file size, but the speed, for sure.  And oh look, I figured out how to make the sample page show up bigger here again.... now I'm not sure if it got smaller before because we changed the way we were saving the images or I just somehow managed to change the setting when uploading it here.  Where am I and what is this?  I somehow get the feeling my confusion will amuse the other guys.. 

I think our new target will be to release a chapter once a month, therefore I will only be doing status updates when it's been more than that amount of time... and if I remember. 

Oh, Platypus might be posting later with a bit of etymology.. er, translation.. er, something kinda interesting.  At any rate, enjoy the new chapter, and listen to this on repeat while you read it. No really, do that last part, you won't regret it, particularly because I know you're all perverts.  :3



  1. Thanks for the release lol, the old guy scared me. Keep up the good work guys! Gambate.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. Thanks so much for you hardwork!