Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rena Chapter 44 Release

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Xero XIII here this time. This was finished a few days ago, but we're just getting it up now - sorry about that. This was a pretty wild chapter, even for OnMnR. Is that the appropriate acronym for this series' name? OMR? Just Rena? Hmm...

Also, Hattori Mitsuru's current series, Sankarea, is being animated, and is set to air this spring. Look forward to it.


-Xero XIII


  1. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  2. Thank you!
    This really was very wild for being "Otogi no Machi no Rena". I never saw the yuri coming but I should have guessed it due to the lilies in the picture above.
    "Ah" may be mechanical to translate but fun to experience.
    As for the acronym I would go with Rena because all the possible combinations of initial letters sound and looks strange.
    Skyrim! Why is everyone in the hentai community playing Skyrim?
    Yet again thank you very much for a wonderful release!

  3. Many thanks for the new chapter!

  4. Lovin' the manga. Thank you for this release.