Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maid wo Nerae! - Chapter 2 release

Our second release is finally here, hope you enjoy it. 

Noncomplatypus was having trouble translating the last few pages because of a lot of technical terms and such, so I told him not to do them.  They're just stuff about sewing, how to make the maid uniform and such.  If anyone really wants to know all that, tell me and I'll make him go back and do them.

Download link.

We're still hiring for all positions, so please check out our help wanted post here!  Thanks!

PS: For future reference, we tend to do about 10 pages a week, so for Maid wo Nerae it's taken us a little over a month for each chapter.  Should we in the future be doing something with shorter chapters, releases will be more frequent.

~ z


  1. you missed the reference to doujin work on page 15

  2. Is that what the grilled andromeda thing is from? Apparently Noncomplatypus hasn't read / watched it, nor have I (I'll get to it eventually... maybe). Sorry about that. It's kind of hard to keep up with all the references to different things in this manga because there are so many to so many different things.

    Chapter three should be up within 24 hours, by the way. Would have been several days ago if I hadn't been having so many technical and personal problems. D:

    Thanks for the comment, by the way. Our blog needs some love! <3