Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maid Wo Nerae! - chapter 3 release

Finally, the third chapter of Maid Wo Nerae is here!  It took almost twice as long as it should have to do, and I'd like to thank Noncomplatypus for being patient with me through my personal and technical problems.  This actually should have been up a week ago.

Download link.

We're still hiring for all positions and could really use some help, so please check out our help wanted post here.  Thanks!


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  1. Um... I'm interested to help but I have no prior experience to helping out in scanlating, so I hope to do some proofreading at best. An editor job seems nice, but I need some training D:.

  2. Thanks! Please send an email to kuroihasuscan@gmail.com so we can talk and perhaps you can help. ^^

  3. The download link appears to be faulty on the host end. Any chance of reupload?