Saturday, July 16, 2011

Otogi no Machi no Rena Chapter 38

This is my first time posting something on the blog, so we'll see how it goes...

I finished cleaning/typesetting chapter 38 earlier tonight, so here it is for you all to enjoy.

Download link.

In other news, Noncomplatypus is just about finished translating the rest of the series, so releases just depend on our ability to clean and typeset chapters fast enough - which might not be the best thing. I believe our next series has also been chosen, but I'll let Z or Noncomplatypus fill everyone in on that when they feel it appropriate to do so.

I'm also feeling pretty proud of myself for re-drawing another two-page spread gap; but at the same, Hattori Mitsuru's constant placement of text directly over images may have finally driven me mad.

- Xero XIII


  1. sfx: flute playing

    Thank you Xero 8 and Noncomplatypus for this chapter and especially to Noncomplatypus for translating the whole rest of the series!
    If you go down, which I really hope you don't because you are doing a really good editing job, I hope you publish the translation so someone else can pick it up where you left it.

  2. Super quick release - thanks, guys!

  3. Thanks
    Just FYI you notified MangaUpdates as Kuroi Hasu Scans
    All previous releases have no ending S-- scan therefore the group name isn't clickable.

  4. Thanks for the last chapter and this new one. It was great!

  5. Why do you reduce the resolution of your 2page spreads so much... It is really annoying.

  6. lol, I hadn't even realized 36-38 were released. Luckily I started on 40 early so it should keep right up with the rest :P

    I don't see us going down (but you never know) but it's my goal to see it through with whatever group is doing it, as I really want to see if finished :P