Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rena chapter 39 release

Download link.

^where'd that black corner come from?  I didn't notice that before... oh well.  =/

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Well I somehow managed to overflow a toilet, doing yet more damage to my house.... on the plus side, that made me stay home all day instead of wondering off somewhere else, so I managed to get this chapter done quicker.  Sigh...

Also, I think chapter 40 will be out soon (like in the next few days), so check back frequently.  :D




  1. Thank you for another great chapter that ended in what I must consider an extreme cliffhanger. I hope your toilet is unclogged soon and aid you in keeping the releases coming.

  2. Thanks for the release :)

  3. New chapter! Thanks!!! :D

  4. Sorry about the toilet, but many thanks for the new chapter!

  5. well you won't be cliff hanging for too long. I have 40 basically done. Just need to proof it again.

    Enjoyed this chapter ^_^; always a bit odd reading a chapter three down the line before I know what's going on lol. Luckily, I have poor memory, so I forget easily XD XD XD

  6. can you make the file become smaller +- 5 mb an??
    thank you

  7. We currently use a PNG-8 save type on the files. I doubt we could make it any smaller without sacrificing quality.

    most pages come out to about 300-800kb per page depending on the amount of detail/color (grayscale) in it.

    There is the option to "save as web"; however, doing this could limit who can view it on various devices. I know for a fact that some phones will not be able to view these types of png files as it strips out information that a webpage wouldn't need, but say a phone would. Stripping that data could reduce pictures to a more 250-400kb file size per image. With an average of 35 pages per chapter, your still looking at a 10 meg file on average.