Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rena chapter 41 release

Dowload link.

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Next chapter won't be as quick in coming as the last couple have been, as I'm pretty busy.  I'll get it done eventually, though!  Enjoy~



  1. Thanks for the quick release!

  2. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  3. I love you guys thanks for the new chapter.

  4. Kobayashi show up at the police station half naked and beat up and everyone takes it with complete composure?
    Thank you for this chapter and I'm looking forward to the next one.
    If you like the Wu Tang clan have you seen "Ghost Dog - The Way Of The Samurai" with music by RZA?

  5. Wu Tang clan? What?

  6. Xero XIII (the cleaner) here.

    @TheGreyPanther - I have not; in all honesty it doesn't seem that interesting to me.

    @5:45 Anon - See the credits page in this chapter.